Monday, December 6, 2010

Call for submissions: Civilization and Mental Health zine

Calling all earth-warriors with mad gifts!

I am in the process of compiling writings for a new zine about civilization and mental health. This zine will be put out both in print form and as a downloadable file on the internet. I am trying to put it out by sometime in January.

Here's some basic info.

Project: A new print- and e-zine about civilization and mental health. How civilization effects mental health and how to have the mental health we need to resist civilization. Hoping to provide some clear analysis as well as some mental health tips.

Submissions: I am willing to take anything! It could be poetry, essays, illustrations, pictures, stories, etc. Anything pertaining to the subject.

Deadline: January 7th, 2011

The Icarus Project
Derrick Jensen
Code Green

Please send all submissions to: kidcutbank [at] riseup [dot] net


  1. Hi--how is this going? I would love to trade you for the zine when it's done! I have a mental health zine too.

  2. Laura-Marie,

    It's going okay. For the first time i'm designing it on the computer instead of cut-n-paste, so it's quite a process.

    I'd love to trade! I'm excited to find more mental health zines to read and also to possibly distro.


  3. Hi, kc--happy you'd like to trade. Email me your address any time and I'll send the latest functionally ill to you.

    robotmad (gmail)