Friday, July 16, 2010


It's really this simple:

You're being suffocated. What do you do?

Do you ask to be let go? Your voice will never be listened to.

Do you wait for the person choking you to realize the wrong that they are doing? If they ever realize it at all it will only be when they have hit rock-bottom. But, abusers never seem to hit rock-bottom. Instead, the abused hit rock-bottom for them.

Do you try and philosophize all the reasons why this is and must be happening; all of the reasons why you deserve this or how it happening is inevitable at some point or another, so why not now?

Do you try to think of ways you can live with this "inconvenience" and then move on with your life, acknowledging that bearing this weight on your back is simply your duty in this world?

No. No. No!

You fight back because you want to live and you want to be free from what's killing you!

(Or, you want the planet to live and you want the planet to be free from what's killing it!)

cartoon by Stephanie McMillan

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