Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1% Alive

This is a piece that i wrote after a very emotionally-charged day. The events depicted in this are true, but not told in full.

we overlook the landscape scarred and torn with concrete. beauty, awe, perfection--sold away and deformed. It really puts things into perspective looking on it from up here.

a young boy approaches us. he sits. before we know it, he's sobbing. he's suicidal, needs some help. what brought him to this point? why does he want to die? what kind of culture is this that makes everyone so ready to leave this world? he was a reminder that we need to fight for those being trampled over.

migratory birds are dying off. there's only 1% of native prairie grasses left and the birds are suffering because of it. these words i read on some fancy sing explaining the "natural" history of the land. so casually telling a tragedy.

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  1. Yes, what kind of a culture has its youth wanting to die so much that they are killing themselves in record numbers. Hundreds of thousands of our teens consider suicide, even if they don't attempt it. Suicide has increased by 60% worldwide in the past 50 years.

    We humans are being devastated by the destruction of earth, nonhumans, and fellow humans all around us. Thanks for your passionate blog. I invite you to check mine out, although you will find that my anger has become more solid and calmer in midlife than yours in your youth.
    Best wishes,