Sunday, August 28, 2011

A few recent dreams

Here are a few dreams I've experienced recently:

1. "Death": My partner and i met a strange fellow at a dark park. He called himself "death." He was an anarchist, and was wandering around doing random acts of resistance. He was very illusive. He ran really fast and would just get up and run somewhere unexpectedly. One time, he got up and ran to get his bike. My partner and i wondered where he was. We then heard the sound of a bike approaching, but didn't know where it was coming from. We wondered why he was here and he told us he was here for "anarchy." He was trying to stop some developers from destroying this marsh nearby.

2. "Rummaged through": I left my car in some huge city. I was very scared as i navigated the city to get back to the car. When i got there, the trunk was wide open with black crates (like those that i put vegetables in at the farm i work at in waking reality) stick out of it like drawers. they had been pulled out slightly and i found my stuff had been rummaged through. Money was still there, though, as were other items that would have made sense to take if somebody was breaking in, looking for things to sell. I grabbed my baby blanket from the trunk. The hood of the car was open, too, and the lights were on. I quickly got in the car. It was parked half-way over the sidewalk on some random corner of some random streets. It was totally out of the yellow parking lines. I then realized i never put money in the meter and suddenly i knew it was the police who broke in.

3. "Decolonization": My friend was teaching me how to play piano at her home. We started talking about European conquest and, at one point, i said that i think it'd be totally appropriate and justifiable to kill settlers. She asked me why i thought that. I said: because look at what they did to the indigenous. This conversation was sparked by a painting on her wall, depicting settler armies moving out the natives, which my friend liked. I saw a scene of an Arawak prince on a hill and a European sneaking up behind him. I knew that one reason the Arawaks were so nice to settlers is because one of them was being fed messages telling them to trust settlers even before contact. I knew i too had been fed these messages. The only way to stop the messages was to cut off the transmitter attached to my body. I knew we all had to do this.

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  1. Thanks for posting these.

    I've noticed lately, in the past week or two anyway, my dreams becoming more vivid and memorable. Usually the most memorable part is the overlying feelings which are unnervingly familiar in reality. Like, something in the dream isn't always something that's happened to me, but more like an awareness to general things my body and soul are aware of, but that I haven't been able to face as often lately (thanks to having to adjust to a job, working towards my greater goals). I feel like the dreams are there to remind me, like saying "while you're out there working, don't forget what goals you were working for in the first place, this stuff is still going on while you get comfortable with your life."

    They're definitely unsettling, but I think with this frame of mind I can appreciate them more for what they are rather than feel confused or see them as unwanted.