Thursday, February 3, 2011

Recommended film: Rabbit Proof Fence

The civilized have been insane from the beginning. This movie illustrates that wonderfully. No group of sane human beings could design and perpetuate a system of forcibly removing children from their families and ways of life in the name of a "new world". In this story, three young aboriginal children are ripped away from their family and home by the whites and put in an institution to "train the aboriginal out of the aborigine". This is part of a systematic program of genocide. When they escape in an attempt to return home, the civilized are up in arms to bring them back. The white psychopath in charge reacts about the importance of the recapture of the children and continuing institutionalization by saying something to the effect of, "we need to save them for their own good".

Of course, this type of atrocity shouldn't come as a surprise. Those of us in the U.S. can see this first hand, just by pondering who lived on this land before we did. The civilized couldn't have their cities without insatiable sadism and unflinching colonization. It's time to resist. It's been time. It's time to give back to the indigenous what's been stolen from them.

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