Sunday, November 28, 2010


Since i was younger i have always been in love with my dreams. Sometimes the intensity of my love would leave me shaken to the core if my dreams delivered to me an uncomfortable message. Now, i am starting to understand that these dreams come to me for a purpose: the natural world is communicating with me complex and deep messages and it's my task to navigate and respond to them. (For more on dreams, be on the look out for Derrick Jensen's upcoming book, titled Dreams!)

Here i will post what i recall of a couple of dreams that visited me recently:

1) My parents came to visit me in my new trailer in the woods a state away. They stayed for only a little while and then left to go out for dinner. They were driving down the highway and i was driving a small areoplane around above their car. My parents and i both had walkie-talkies and we were speaking to each other. They told me to be careful. I tried turning to low (i think to get close to them or maybe to just try and show off) and i crashed. i didn't know exactly what happened, but when i came to there was a cop who told me the whole story. Then i was walking back on the road to my home in the woods, completely lost and confused. I was really scared and wanted to find my parents, but knew they were gone down the road.

2) There were raccoons and possums all over the house! They were everywhere! Some were running around, some (particularly the really chubby ones) were laying around on the sides and backs. My neighbor was trying to trap them in a way that i did not like, so i was trying to ask them to go and sometimes picking them up and leading them out so that he didn't get to them first.

(PS: For those who follow this blog, sorry i haven't posted much lately.)

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